Creating The Games You Will Love To Play

Maslow Six Entertainment, Inc. (M6E) combines unique intellectual property and an experienced business team with multiple elite product teams to develop and manage a diversified portfolio of high growth products in the online, social and mobile games market.

Revenues from the global video games sector have more than tripled in the past decade, driven by highly disruptive social, economic, and technological changes. Online games have been re-shaped, spawning new companies with nine-figure revenue streams and multi-billion dollar valuations. The mobile games sector, less than ten years old, has reached $10 Billion in annual revenues and continues to grow at an ever-accelerating rate.

Yet many of today’s most talented game developers lack the resources to bring great games to market and struggle with an incomplete management team. At the same time, individual investors interested in profiting from the opportunities in this emerging market are generally excluded from investment vehicles with the potential for high returns.

Maslow Six Entertainment, Inc. (M6E) was created to bridge this gap by offering investors the chance to participate in a high-growth space where modest investments can be leveraged to produce high returns with managed risk across a diversified portfolio.

By combining established video game industry masters with dedicated gamers around the globe and a world-class management team M6E is creating new and compelling intellectual properties to inspire a new generation of players.